Barry Bling first appeared in 1996 playing keyboards for “Dwayne Fontaine and The Magictones”, a multi-media extravaganza compered by comedy legend and TV personality Barbara Nice. The show was performed at the notorious Varsity Club in Wolverhampton and when the run ended Barry kept being stopped by fans of the show asking him to perform more musical comedy. 

After a stint trying out new material in the industrial badlands of the Midlands, he was asked to perform at a Valentines Special at Star City in Birmingham. That was the momentous night that Mr Velvet turned up to check out the show and later on Bling asked him if he could play the drums. Mr Velvet said "Yes" and The Orchestra of Chaos was born that weekend, after a few bevs of course! Together they went on to develop a unique brand of musical comedy inspired by Black Country culture.

Since then Bling and Velv have been taking their interactive 'ting to eclectic and unsuspecting audiences, whether headlining comedy nights or working as an in house band, they always get the crowd involved. They pride themselves on thier ability to adapt their cheeky show to suit every age group and situation. This has included performing at many private parties and family events, in settings ranging from living rooms, kitchens, gardens, LGBTQ nights and charity events, to biker bars, comedy venues and outdoor festivals. Oh and they have also done a few weddings and birthdays!




Recent accolades have included compering an alternative comedy night at Glastonbury Festival, and being one of the selected highlights at Birmingham Comedy Festival (2016). In 2017 the Orchestra of Chaos were invited to perform at the Kontrast Film Festival (Bayreuth) Germany and they were commisioned by Funny Things comedy festival (Wolverhampton, UK) to create a series of pop-up gigs in community venues. The Orchestra have also performed with Vix and her Mischiefs (ex-Fuzzbox), Big Brendon’s Experimental Combo (Sunday Xpress) and Misty's Big Adventure.

They are a rare and unusual act, blending popular tunes with their own raucous brand of urban, music hall comedy and have performed to all ages around the country and internationally, never failing to live up to their motto: “Amet risus, et diligitis chao” -  Love laughter fun and chaos!

On his days off, Barry Bling works as a filmmaker in education, theatre and the arts and has a passion for Directing, with two recent award winning comedy films under his belt, 'Titanic Love' (2012) and 'The Final Scene' (2015). Mr Velvet also worked on Titanic Love and they were both invited to St Petersburg last year (2016) to represent this witty film set in the Midlands, where they won a cultural achievement award. Mr Velvet supplements his time with the band by working as an Artist and Graphic Designer on projects across the UK and Internationally.